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After getting engaged in 2013, my husband and I got a crash course on just how expensive weddings and hiring wedding planners can be. I set out with a budget of $10,000 only to find that was a laughable amount to most quality wedding planners. I had quite the dilemma: hire a nice planner or spend less money on decor. I hated the idea that I would be spending so much on my wedding and would still have to choose between the quality of my wedding planner or the atmosphere of my wedding. But this wasn't just a new pair of jeans. This was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion! I didn't want my wedding to feel or look cheap. My husband and I didn't have cheap Love so why did we have to have a cheap wedding? So, I reluctantly lengthened my engagement and implemented a rigorous savings plan to triple my budget.
My experience made me dive headfirst into the professional event industry to find ways to make it a more approachable industry for those who don't or can't raise their budgets. After working for a premiere Baltimore wedding firm as the lead assistant,  I used my knowledge and industry expertise to launch Posh by Pash, the event planning and event design company specializing in affordable luxury.
My mission is to give you a day that brings you life-long joy and looks timeless in the pictures at rates that respect your budget and to act as your ally and advocate in the wedding and event industry.

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Services Offered

  1. Consulting
    Includes advice on vendor selection, event design, event budget, and more.
  2. Coordinating
    Includes full service coordination of all event details.
  3. Decorating
    Includes full service coordination and event design with centerpiece florals.

Packaging & Pricing

Planning + Decor

  • Want beautiful decor that's cost effective?
  • Want a well-designed and organized wedding?
  • Want to get tips and deals from a professional?
  • Want to concentrate on the BLISS without the stress?
This is where you get the most value! Most people pay one fee for planning, one for florals, and another for decor. I do it all for one low rate to simplify your process.

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  • Just need to talk to a wedding planner to see if your plans make sense?
  • Need a wedding timeline created?
  • Need a monthly task list to stay on track?
  • Struggling with your floorplan?
  • Need a seating chart created?
I do event-related tasks or show you how to do it yourself at an hourly rate.


  • Have someone in mind to do your decorating?
  • Want to DIY all of your decorations?
  • Don't want to focus your spending on decor?
  • Want a full service wedding coordinator for the price of a day-of coordinator?
No worries! I will take care of all the planning and coordinating.

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